Prosinec 2013

Who is God for me...

6. prosince 2013 v 21:21 | Usylmä |  Výplody mé zvrhlé fantazie actually a very hard question for many people on this little planet called the Earth.
Mostly they are looking for someone able to solve their problems, someone to confess to. And the more they pretend him to be a human being the more it becomes quite a hard question for me. Who really is God for me?
God is, at least for me, something quite inestimable. Something I can´t touch but I can feel it like it is the "ms. eternity" herself demanding her long lost harmony. The meaning of prosperity, our endless emotions. But why? So many years have passed since the last part of the heroic mind sealed out of out die-hard nonsense minds and left us caged alone, like a little baby in a metal crib whose mother has her smile no more, in an endless confuseness overhelming people´s bodies. A quietly strange it can sound to a simple wanderer seeking the reason why we make wars instead of harmony. But no-one has ever asked yet still everybody knows.... the true question is, what is worth fighting for? Another stupid question that is not up to my silly solution.
God is my freedom when I think I can spread my wings a little bit further, my only hope in times of need when I slowly start to realize I was wrong with my previous decisions, my personal responsibility in situations that are seemingly unbearable. God is my imagination, my own beauty. God represents my endless passion for music. I find beauty in darkness so I can fully feel the presence of light and love. That is it. God are my "Grand Canyons of space and time universal". It is my guidance, my rebellion, a statement of disposal, a proof of dignity.
Isn´t it hilarious? A worthless person who has a worship so strong for something that entire human race barely knows? Yes, I know. I am a freak after all.